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Company Overview

Who We Are?

Gulf Packaging Industries Ltd

GULF PACKAGING INDUSTRIES LTD (GPIL) was established in 1989 as the first producer of BOPP in the Arabian Gulf region. GPIL has a global presence in over 70 countries, covering from GCC, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North & South America and Far East Asia. GPIL is under 100% control of Tahweel Holding, with production facility in Jubail, Saudi Arabia and sales offices, in Egypt, Europe,  USA and South America. Tahweel Holding is a well established and diversified business group located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with roots that go back many years. Main activities of Tahweel Holding comprise of project development, operation management, investment and acquisitions.


Established in 1989, GPIL today is a global leader in speciality films for packaging, lamination and labeling applications.


GPIL offers a comprehensive range of speciality films for flexible packaging, lamination, labeling and industrial applications.


GPIL’s customer base includes the leading global customers. GPIL has an extensive network of channels across the world for distribution of its range of products.


Apart from a dominant share in the GCC market, GPIL also has public listing in different countries worldwide.


GPIL Films has a highly qualified and recognized R&D team, providing customized innovations for its customers.


GPIL Films is accredited with ISO 9001, AIB International, SASO and BRC Certification Body certifications.

Bruckner Lines
MTPA of Capacity
MTPA of Capacity

Our Skill Metrix

1. Production site is in Al Jubail, KSA with 3 Sales & Distribution Centers located in Casale, Italy Charleston, USA and Cairo, Egypt.

2. Having 240 number of skilled employees.

4. With nearly 15,000 square meters, multiple production lines and sufficient raw material reserves to ensure the supply speed meets your needs

5. With sufficient storage capacity and multiple production lines and raw material reserves, the daily output can reach 130t, ensuring the supply speed to meet your needs!

Production Lines Capacity
2003: Metallizer plasma 2.4 m 4.000 tons
2008: Jubail 1 Buncker 8.2 m 25.000 tons (5 layers)
2008: Jubail Metallizer/plasma 3.050 7.000 tons
2010: Jubail 2 Buncker 8.2 m 37.000 tons
2012: Jubail Metallizer/plasma 2.850 11.000 tons
2013: Jubail 3 Buncker 8.7 m 44.000 tons