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Manufacturing Practices


GPIL Films supports a science-based approach to compare and measure the environmental impact of packaging based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its full life cycle. LCA tells us how our products eco-perform.

GPIL Films for packaging can protect perishable food, making it safe and shelf-stable, and minimizing waste.

Packaging innovation: reducing plastic label weight and facilitating recycling

  • Cavitation of OPP films allows density reduction
  • Production of lower weight film offers similar stiffness to plain OPP and contributes to CO₂ emissions reduction
  • OPP films fit very well into the recycling stream of PET bottles
  • Due to a density below 1, labels are easily separated during the float sink process allowing an efficient PET recycling process.

GPIL Films operations continuously reduce resources utilization, CO2 emissions and waste.

GPIL Films is committed to environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing processes. GPIL strives to establish a sustainable manufacturing model by:

  • Continuous quality improvements and adherence to a right-first-time policy
  • Close monitoring of utilities consumption to optimize their usage
  • Regeneration of waste/scrap material to be used as input for production
  • Recycling of paper cores and use of plastic and aluminum cores for in-house requirements, resulting in reduced use of paper core
  • Partnering with customers for packaging structure rationalization to reduce material consumption

GPIL is committed to be an energy efficient manufacturer and continuously reduce resources and power consumption through several initiatives, such as:

  • Use of natural light by design of the building
  • Replacing HPMV lamps with more environment friendly and power efficient light source like LED
  • Regular energy audits to identify gaps and taking suitable corrective actions accordingly
  • Rain water harvesting and reuse of effluent treated water in all manufacturing units

Safety of our products: a strong process and control to deliver safe film

Quality: Certified ISO 9001 for quality

Hygiene: Certified British Retail Consortium (BRC)

Safety of products:

  • We are compliant to the existing laws on food contact, we select carefully our raw material suppliers
  • Compliance with laws is part of the gating process in our new product development
  • Testing of global migration of commercial films
  • Certificate of food compliance available periodically
  • Existing structure and organization answer customer requests about safety, quality, hygiene and the environment