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Our manufacturing facilities are located in the fastest growth rate area of the world to deliver world class quality.


We recognize the value of time to our clients. We are therefore committed to delivering our products on schedule.


Like any other commodity traded in the international market, the price of BOPP film is subject to changing market conditions.

We Are Gulf Pack

The Perfect Solution for BOPP Films

Gulf Pack is BOPP Films producer in the Middle East. We offers a wide range of Food Packaging films, best designed for the food industry for products like, Bakery, Confectionery, Snacks / Chips, Ice Cream, Chocolates, Labels etc. Our Products are designed to satisfy the clients with improved properties for high speed packaging machines, improved shelf life, enhanced barrier properties, food safety, and indeed environment friendly.


To deliver the finest product and service experience, backed by innovation, people and processes.


To generate sustainable long term returns on investment with focus on transparency and accountability.


To create symbiotic relationships that drive mutual growth and fosters personal and professional growth.


To contribute to community growth through education, skills development and sustainable green practices.


Our focus is to create market leading packaging products that provide our customers with solutions to satisfy the need for improved packaging performance. Our dedicated teams work closely with customers to look at the entire process and provide them solutions that are stronger, safer and more effective. Our methodical approach extends to every step of the process, from design and material performance to production and compliance.Customer get the best technical support. We have the world advanced testing equipment to help us produce the high quality products for our customers.

Improvement of Current Products
At Gulf Pack, our R&D team has more than 30 years’ experience in Packaging Industries and in particular, in BOPP Films industries. They are devoted to improve our current products in terms of clarity of film, the exact thickness tolerance, the excellent sealing performance, good design of pouch. Until now they have designed and practiced many successful solutions for customers with kinds of demand on packaging.

Development and Innovation of future products
At Gulf Pack, we not only focus on current products, but also concentrate on future products. We encourage innovation at Gulf Pack. Listening to you could help us create idea to offer better solution. That is why we established packaging technology department in response to customers’ problems. We have the leading provider of innovative technologies for plastics extrusion engineers who could introduce the technology every month, which help us create new ideas of food packaging solutions.

Our Innovation Center is ideally and uniquely equipped to deliver new packaging and labeling film solutions to our customers. Our facilities are unrivaled with our film production plant and coating pilot equipment that are dedicated exclusively to bringing new films to market. 

This impressive hardware capability is combined with experienced and knowledgeable technology staff. Our polymer film and coating scientists, along with our product, process and applications engineers, have designed and commercialized some of the most specialized and differentiated films in the industry.

These customer-oriented evaluations are sustained by advanced analytical & physical laboratory capabilities enabling our scientists to comprehend the fundamentals of the technologies and how they add value to our new products

The business areas in which we operate lead us to focus on:
  • Work according to the principles of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • Perform regular audits “Hygiene - cleanliness – Storage”
  • Each employee's awareness of hygiene

  • Train and inform on the following topics: home, fire safety, OHS, chemical risks, risk trades, cargo
  • Protect its personnel, its tool, its environment: protection sprinklers, carbon, UV detection
  • Ensuring that personal protective equipment is worn
  • Comply with regulations relating to our business
  • Preventing psychosocial risks (harassment, overload, communication)

  • Complying with legal obligations and other requirements applicable to the site
  • Introducing a policy of continuous improvement in terms of the environment
  • Preventing and controlling the risk of pollution
  • Reduce energy and consumables consumption
  • Increasing the monitoring of its airborne emissions and the efficiency of its VOC incinerators
  • Reducing waste and looking for new recycling procedures
  • Reduce the chemicals impact
  • Improving fire risk management

We follow deeply embedded quality culture, stringent quality processes and quality labs equipped with state of the art checking and testing equipment ensure that we walk the talk when it comes to consistently delivering quality products.

We have continuously invested in the Latest technology. All our lines are wide width delivering high productivity and having the lowest average age in the industry.

We are working with our valued customers to optimize packaging structures to reduce quantum of plastic materials. Energy is very significant part of film manufacturing. We have embarked on a journey towards energy conservations projects like renewable power (solar) and energy wastage reduction. We are working with world class recycling technology partners to achieve zero wastage.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Hygiene practices:
  • Apply the cleaning instructions provided for each machine
  • Collect waste and dispose in appropriate containers in accordance sorting
  • Close the doors of the production areas to limit contamination by rodents, insects, birds.
  • Remove the cutting blades and cutters in the boxes provided for this purpose
  • Keep the dressing room areas, sanitary and clean places to eat after passing
  • Ranger PPE (gloves, goggles, mask) used

  • Eating and drinking at the workplace
  • Introduce glass containers
  • Smoking on the premises of the factory (with the exception of areas provided for this purpose)

Personal Hygiene:
  • Wear charlotte for entering the manufacturing areas
  • Wash hands systematically after eating, smoking and using the toilet
  • Use gel to dry "antibacterial" for decontaminating hands before contact
  • Do not wear jewelry or watch with the exception of an alliance
  • Preferably wear bandages and blue gloves to protect wounds
  • Tie up long hair


Some Of Our Certifications

Gulf Pack strives to develop and maintain a high level of quality and skills to meet their customers’ high requirements