GPIL metalized oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films offer a high-performing, low-weight packaging solution for snacks, confections, dry foods and beverages that require a long shelf life.

Widely used in a variety of applications, including those that require modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), GPIL metallized films provide a significant barrier to moisture, light and oxygen. These films are extremely durable and resistant to puncture and flex cracking. Combining the inherent advantages of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) with the latest metalization technologies, GPIL metallized films provide strong, cost-effective product protection.

Film Code Film Name Technical Sheet
LW510 Metallized White Voided Wrap Around Label Film (Density: 0.62) Download Sheet
CF507 Metallized Cold Seal Film Download Sheet
NF503  Metallized Non Heat Sealable Film Download Sheet
HF506  Metallized Low SIT Film (85oC) Download Sheet
HF504  Metallized Heat Sealable Film Download Sheet
HF507 Metallized Ultra Low SIT Film (75oC) Download Sheet
HF505  Metallized Low SIT Film (90oC) Download Sheet
HF509 Metallized White Voided Film (Density 0.62) Download Sheet
HF515 Metallized Low COF Film Download Sheet
iHF520 Metallized High Barrier Film , Both Side Treated Download Sheet
LP500 Metallized Film for Self Adhesive Label Download Sheet

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